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Dr. George Altuzarra, DDS

Indian Wells Dental, the practice of Dr. George Altuzarra, has been providing the desert communities and surrounding areas with excellence in dentistry for over twenty-five years. Dr. Altuzarra and his team of professionals, provide their patients with the most advanced technology dentistry has to offer.

 Modern dentistry has progressed tremendously since Dr. Altuzarra graduated from the University of Southern California in 1986 to become acutely aware of the importance of evaluating the well-being of each individual's entire health.  The technology of modern dentistry has evolved to allow Dr. Altuzarra to access, diagnose and provide the highest level of treatment there is to offer in dentistry today.

George Altuzarra, DDS The dentist of today’s health care profession is able to use a multi-disciplinary approach to treat the entire physical well-being whether it is a simple preventative care procedure or a more specific concern such as symptoms that are pain-related (i.e.:  headaches, facial pain, neck pain) or difficulty sleeping.  With the dental physician’s approach of a comprehensive dental and physical exam, Dr. Altuzarra has seen many lives improved with this whole body treatment.

Periodontal Disease – because periodontal or gum disease is a persistent inflammatory process, the statistics show that it can increase heart risk by 72%, diabetes by 50% and some cancers by 30-50%.  Therefore following your hygienist instructions and either avoiding or eliminating gum disease can have a major impact on your longevity.

TMJ Dysfunctions/Disorder – The jaw joints, or TMJ, is the most used joint of the entire body.  When one or both of those joints is not aligned properly it can be the cause of chipped or broken teeth, balance problems, head or facial pain and many other symptoms not associated with a routine dental visit.  The ability to recognize those symptoms and/or signs and provide treatment is done in our office without surgery or prescription medication which results in improved quality of life to our patients

Sleep Disorder – While snoring is harmful to your relationships, 50% of snorers actually stop breathing many times at night, which increases their risk of heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes.  Dr. Altuzarra can evaluate this disorder and provide a non-surgical treatment.

Our goal is to educate, and when the proper diagnosis is made, treat our patients so that the process of aging does not automatically mean experiencing symptoms of “getting older” such as ringing in the ears, balance problems, and back pain.  The quality of life can be improved when patients, their dental physician, and their primary care doctor work together to address whole body structure and function.

Maintaining the health of your teeth and gum tissue is a basic practice in a dental office, however, Dr. Altuzarra can evaluate and treat symptoms that are not typically thought of as dental related.  This is accomplished using the most advanced electrodiagnostic instrumentation and staff that is trained to provide his patients with this level of care.

Dr. Altuzarra makes it imperative to update the knowledge of the entire staff, which allows him to enlighten all of his patients to the important connection between oral and total body.

George Altuzarra DDS
74-965 Hwy 111
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  • CMD/TMJ Dentist
  • TMJ Dysfunctions/Disorder
  • Sleep Medicine Dentist - Sleep Apnea
  • Holistic Denistry

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Updated: August 16, 2017