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By John Mason, President of Brightstar Care, Inc. Van Nuys, CA

When you interview a caregiving agency, what do you want to know? In this new world of caregiving, it would be wonderful if hospitals and health care professionals would provide instruction to caregivers. Here is a story we often hear “ For the last years of my life, as my husband battles Parkinson’s, I have been his primary caregiver. When I travel for my job, our friends or relatives come to stay and keep him company, make dinner and ensure he receives his medications. Sometimes that is not enough. I am fortunate that we can pay for outside care when I need it. Many families cannot.I want to know about the Agency that I hire.”

            Here is an interview with our Director of Nursing at Brightstar Care in Van Nuys, CA

            WHAT EXPERIENCE DO YOU BRING TO YOUR JOB? My nursing career started in Phoenix, AZ, on the cardiac unit, where I continued to progress my knowledge and gain experience in the clinical setting at the Mayo Clinic. About four years ago I moved to Los Angeles, which allowed me to explore new career opportunities. I then chose to advance my nursing scope by shifting my career from the acute hospital setting to home care. While here in L.A., I spent most of my time working in home health and specializing in IV therapy.

            WHAT ASPECT OF YOUR JOB ARE YOU MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT? I am most passionate about preventative care. My nursing career has shown me that preventative care is the most critical to your overall health and independence. “A successful therapy requires harmony of the physical and psychological functions in order to achieve a restoration of the body in its entirety.” - Max Gerson M.D. My emphasis focuses on educating patients/ families on a holistic level to prevent injury, disease, and disability and promote awareness and well-being.

            I PROVIDE A HIGHER STANDARD OF CARE FOR OUR CLIENTS BY...Providing compassionate and holistic care with dignity and love. My experience provides accurate assessments and creates an individualized plan of care for each person. I am a patient and family advocate and promote autonomy. I also continue to educate myself on the latest advancements in science, alternative therapies and keep myself open to new ideas.

                  If you’re in the San Fernando Valley of California and you need a caregiver, consider contacting Brightstar Care by going to the Wellness Village http://www.parkinsonsresource.org/the-wellness-village/directory/brightstar-care/ to review their video and profile or call them at  (818) 528-5388. They have been members of the Wellness Village since September 2018

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Updated: August 16, 2017