Roger Moore, Medical Hypnotherapist

Now more than ever we all need to protect our health. And yes, you really can strengthen your immune system and fight off disease with your unconscious mind. You have a powerful force within you that can act in harmony with medications or supplements for your health and wellness.

Your subconscious mind controls all the vital processes of your body, and it knows how to heal you.

We know that almost every system in your body can be damaged by stress. In fact, it’s hard to think of any disease in which stress does not play an aggravating role, or any part of the body that is not adversely affected by stress.

In 1978 Hans Selye, a stress research specialist, discovered that with prolonged stress, the body’s immune system progressively breaks down. Whatever organ or body part is the weakest tends to break down or become diseased first.

So, stress has a serious impact on immunity.

Even temporary stress—like going to the grocery store these days—can completely wipe out the body’s interferon levels, literally reducing them to 0. Interferon is necessary for certain cells of the immune system to do their jobs. For example, one kind of immune cell, lymphocyte, is called a natural killer cell. Natural killer cells have two functions: 1) They patrol the body and look for virus-infected cells to destroy, and; 2) They seek and eliminate cancer cells. 

Our brains are like medicine cabinets, producing a wide range of drugs that affect our moods and all our systems, including the immune system.  

The same mechanism that turns the stress response on, can turn it off. This is called the relaxation response. As soon as you decide that a situation is no longer dangerous, your brain stops sending emergency signals to your brain stem, which in turn ceases to send pain messages to your nervous system. Three minutes after you shut off the danger signals, the fight or flight response burns out. Your metabolism, heart rate, breathing rate, muscle tension and blood pressure all return to their normal levels.  

We are all challenged by this time of uncertainty that has disrupted our daily lives. What we thought was normal has been shaken to its core.

Even with this new reality, you still have a choice. You can activate your sympathetic nervous system—the fight or flight mode—and choose anxiety, fear, anger or any other upsetting emotion that will weaken your immune system. Or, you can choose to live in the balanced state of your parasympathetic nervous system, and acknowledge the realities of the moment, breathe, be calm and take responsible action.

In addition to healthy eating, exercise, staying hydrated, and getting adequate sleep, you can boost your immune system by being calm and relaxed and engaging in activities that sustain hope and joy.

To help you enhance your health, I’m offering a 4-week free, live, online 90-minute group class. You will learn self-hypnosis, stress reduction techniques, methods to expand your neuroplasticity, pain control and skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, which will help shape and guide our discussion. And each week we’ll conclude with a hypnosis session focused on your health and wellness.

You can attend on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Login details will be provided when you register.

I invite you to join me and learn how you can walk with fear and anxiety and still move forward in life with hope, joy, and love.

Thursday, April 2, 9, 16 & 23  / 1:00 pm– 2:30 pm PDT

Register now and find out how you can use the power of your subconscious mind for your health and wellness.

To learn more about Palm Desert Hypnosis and to register for this class, go online to:

Roger Moore is a Medical Hypnotherapist at Palm Desert Hypnosis and has been a member of the Wellness Village since September 2019.

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Updated: August 16, 2017