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DID YOU KNOW? - Food Facts

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In 2007, Mother Earth News commissioned an independent lab to test eggs from 14 pastured flocks and compared the results with nutrition data from the USDA on eggs from commercial flocks. The results were dramatic: the huge uptick in micronutrients and healthy fat in pastured eggs makes them not only healthier, but far tastier.

Bottom line: Do what you need to do to get pastured eggs. Pay the premium price at your local health food store. Stock up at a farmer’s market. Get some as part of a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. Or if you can, start your own backyard coop. If you grant the girls wide latitude to find the nutritious foods they crave, they’ll provide you with the same benefit.


There’s growing evidence that the benefits of coffee may extend well beyond short-lived improvement in focus and attention. Research indicates that regular coffee drinkers could be at lower risk for cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Scientists believe the combined effects of caffeine and antioxidants found in coffee beans may be responsible for the beverage’s brain benefits. Gotta watch what you do with the sugar and cream though!


Whether it be the pungent, spicy root or the dried and bottled type, Ginger contains chemicals that work similarly to some anti-inflammatory medications, so it has potential to help relieve pain. If you’re dealing with aching joints, try adding a hit of ginger to your daily carte du jour – daily menu.

Try steeping a few slices of ginger root in hot water to make a delicious “tea,” or try grating fresh ginger into stir-fries or stews, and adding fresh or ground ginger to smoothies, oatmeal, or a healthy muffin, sprinkle it on fruit. To satisfy a sweet craving or after meal sweet attack, nibble on a slice or two of crystallized ginger.

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Updated: August 16, 2017