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If you have Parkinson’s and are looking for treatments beyond the pharmaceutical products you may be taking, you’ve probably heard of neuro-protective therapies. Traditional drug therapy for Parkinson’s is effective in managing symptoms, but the traditional drugs DO NOT prevent, cure, or even slow down progression of the disease.

The reason Neuro-protective therapies hold promise for slowing progression of the disease is because they can protect the cells that produce dopamine. A few of the available neuro-protective therapies are more commonly known as “antioxidants.”

Epicatechin is a strong antioxidant. A major cause of damage to dopamine producing cells (neurons) is something called oxidative stress. “Free radicals” are created when the body and brain processes or uses oxygen in its metabolic systems. When these free radicals accumulate in the brain they can damage brain cells. The metabolism of dopamine generates very high levels of free radicals. Antioxidants eat up these free radicals and therefore stop the damage they cause. Certain foods, like green leafy vegetables, whole grains, dark fruits and nuts, contain lots of antioxidants.

The Xoçaí “Healthy Chocolate” use cacao that is blanched, unfermented, sun-dried, non-roasted and cold-pressed, which means it boasts eight times the levels of epicatechins (Epcatechin is a flavonol belonging to the group of flavonoids.) and catechins (a type of natural phenol and antioxidant), and four times the levels of procyanidins (members of the proanthocyanidin (or condensed tannins) class of flavonoids. They are oligomeric compounds, formed from catechin and epicatechin molecules) than cacao produced with standard processing. X Power Squares are loaded with antioxidants and have an unparalleled ORACfn Value of 16,488 per 6g Square.

Health Benefits of Epicatechin Epicatechin is a strong antioxidant, has insulin mimic action and improves heart health. Dr. Norman Hollenberg of Harvard Medical School found that Kuna Indians, who live on the San Blas Island Chain in Panama and drink high quantities of cocoa drinks, have a lower risk of stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes compared to the Indians living on the mainland. Dr. Norman Hollenberg even suggests to consider epicatechin as a vitamin.

Attenuation of Diabetes Studies show that epicatechin and other flavonoids exert a protective role on osmotic fragility of cells, similar to that of insulin. The mechanism of action of epicatechin is different to that of insulin and remains speculative. In diabetic red blood cells epicatechin causes an increase in acetylcholinesterase activity. This activity is significantly lower in type 2 diabetic patients.

Heart Health Epicatechin reduces lipid peroxidation and inhibits platelet aggregation. Epicatechin cause blood vessel dilation by regulating nitric oxide, a molecule secreted by the blood vessel endothelium to signal surrounding muscle to relax.

Parkinsons and Anti-Oxidants – Several lines of evidence suggest that mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress have a central role in the dopaminergic neurodegeneration of Parkinson’s disease. In this context, Mitochondria-targeted therapies that improve mitochondrial function may have great promise in the prevention and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Key Ingredients: Xoçaí’s industry-leading healthy chocolate includes:

• Xoçaí’s proprietary XoVita, a high-antioxidant blend of cacao, acai and blueberries;

• Antioxidant powerhouses acai and blueberries;

• Loaded with epicatechins and flavanols, and;

• Sweetened with raw cane juice crystals

Benefits: Xoçaí’s industry-leading healthy chocolate

• Delivers superior antioxidant protection

• Safeguards body’s cells and major organs

• Boosts energy, enhances overall health

• Promotes healthy digestive function and immune activity


• Easy way to consume a high-antioxidant diet

• All natural “clean” product—no artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives

• Diabetic-friendly and low-glycemic

Power-Packed Nutrition Xoçaí Healthy Chocolate is a treasure-trove of vital nutrients, particularly antioxidants. A few examples of its antioxidant firepower... In a 3X Power Square, which has a 49,464 ORAC, fn is equal to: 1.6 lbs. of Spinach, 6.5 lbs. of Tomatoes and 0.4 lbs. of Blueberries


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Updated: August 16, 2017