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Jay Anderson, Board Certified Music Therapist, Owner  

The Coachella Valley has been the home to MINDINGMUSIC-MUSICTHERAPY since 2010.  We are based in Palm Desert, Ca.     Minding Music- Music Therapy  employs evidence based neurological music therapy to obtain and maintain skills and physical function to enhance quality of life. MINDING MUSIC has a wide range of musical instruments to explore and play.  Many instruments require little to no experience or ‘know how’.  

Music therapy is the focused intentional use of music and music based experiences to facilitate change, improve and enhance the quality of life. It is a holistic, strength-based, flexible, and sometimes spontaneous clinical therapeutic approach to facilitate change in non musical areas of life.  Music therapy can improve cognition, motor function, respiration, relieve pain, reduce stress, anxiety, and enhance memory, social interaction and quality of life. 


  • Non-Invasive therapeutic interaction and interventions
  • Evidenced based clinical therapy
  • A goal directed process
  • Based on individual assessment
  • Directed toward meeting specific needs of the Individual
  • Implemented by credentialed professional who has completed an accredited music therapy program
  • Documented progress and evaluation of objectives and goals
  • Many insurance companies reimburse when physician ordered with diagnostic code

Music Therapy is a science and evidence based allied health profession recognized by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. 



Jay Anderson, MT-BC earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy degree from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa. in 2004.     Jay has been playing and studying music since age of 9. He served in the United States Army Band as a tenor saxophone player.  Over the past 14 years Jay worked as a board certified music therapist for Patton State Hospital, a state psychiatric forensic facility in San Bernardino.  He is a board certified music therapist since 2005 and member of the  American Music Therapy Association since 2002.


He has shared powerful musical experiences with at risk teens, adults and children with developmental disabilities, seniors, clients in hospice care, individuals with Parkinson’s, with Alzheimer’s, those with substance abuse issues, behavioral disorders and mental illness challenges.  


“I have seen and heard the power of music bring joy, communication, healing and comfort.  Science continues to prove it.”

-Jay Anderson

Products and/or Services Available

  • Rhythmic Gait Evaluation
  • Music/Rhythmic Gait Training
  • Therapeutic/Adaptive Music Instrument Lessons
  • Vocal Intonation Therapy
  • Melodic Intonation Therapy
  • Rhythmic Speech Cuing
  • Therapeutic Singing
  • Cognitive Music Therapy
  • Musical Speech Stimulation
  • Cross Meridian Rhythmic Drumming

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Parkinson's Resource Organization
74090 El Paseo #104
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Local Phone
(760) 773-5628

Toll-Free Phone
(877) 775-4111

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Updated: August 16, 2017